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Malvern Kahui Ako in Canterbury – Seminar: Understanding our What & Why – Determining our How & When

A group of 12 principals from Malvern Kahui Ako in Canterbury participated in the Success Factor seminar entitled: Understanding our What & Why – Determining our How and When

The most usable strategies were:

  • Understanding my why
  • Acton brainstorm sheet
  • Vision, values, goals – everything
  • What’s in my backpack
  • Everything was interactive and instructive

The key thing I got from the seminar was:

  • Self-reflection
  • Clarity of vision
  • My mindset is the key to change
  • Thinking what I need to unpack from my backpack
  • Positive – setting systems up for success
  • Looking after me, taking time to reflect

Summary of Testimonials:

  • Excellent seminar – great to reflect
  • A well-presented, informative and meaningful topic; very good seminar – relevant and important
  • Would recommend this seminar to support your own wellbeing as a leader; hugely recommend this seminar for wellbeing for leaders with a focus on why you are doing what you are doing and setting a vision
  • Excellent seminar and great for leaders to focus on themselves and their wellbeing
  • Excellent seminar, great for anyone who wants to take time out for yourself to realign and restructure where needed