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Business Coaching & Mentoring – Melissa Gardiner

The business coaching and mentoring I received was really helpful in learning to look at my business in an effective way, that is, stepping back and seeing the business and my direction forward from a larger perspective.

The biggest thing I got from the sessions was chargeable and non-chargeable hours; determining best service; obtaining ‘real’ figures; projection and planning; budgeting; setting goals and time management as well as the creative exercises which helped me ‘see’ how my business might or could look in the future.

The creative exercises also helped me to determine direction and ability to create goals and plan figures, so visually I could see how the plan may or may not work.

If someone is feeling a bit lost in their business or not sure what they’re up to, I’d definitely recommend Debs at Success Factor, as it was so helpful in gaining clarity and a larger understanding of business.

The business coaching and mentoring I received was of tremendous value and has given me important a useful insight into my business.

Debs is friendly, professional, punctual, and definitely knows her stuff! Everything Debs shared with me was relevant and along with the ‘homework’, has enabled and encouraged me to gain a larger perspective of my business.

I have some great tools now that I can continue to work with periodically to keep myself in touch with my business and aware and in touch with where my business is heading.

Heartfelt thanks Debs!

Melissa Gardiner – Manaia Yoga & Wellbeing