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Testimonials / Feedback:

  • This was an eye opener to what techniques are available to help presenting more natural for all involved
  • Good to know the skill of creating and presenting a PowerPoint presentation in a way that comes to life
  • I got loads more confidence and felt better to present afterwards and realised that just small things can make a big difference
  • The way you present can make a massive difference to how the audience receives it
  • Excellent seminar – thank you!
  • 10 out of 10!

The most useful strategy was:

  • The mind map
  • The content and description in a presentation is so important
  • Less means more
  • The doing, feedback, strategy and then the redoing

The reason I would recommend the PRESENT Seminar to others is:

  • It will help you improve and identify things you didn’t know
  • It will provide a massive improvement in a short time
  • It was very good and very effective

The key thing I got out of participating in the PRESENT Seminar is:

  • Posture, timing of the pause and eye contact
  • Pausing, as well as the psychological and positive thinking aspect
  • ALL of it!