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A great group of five participants from Enatel attended the PRESENT seminar which enabled each participant to present their presentation and receive feedback from Debs and their peers.

This is what they had to say:

  • Excellent seminar, learned a great deal, thank you!
  • Great help with practical tips
  • Able to reduce gap fillers
  • Great to practice presenting with constructive feedback
  • Found out how best to give better eye contact
  • Interesting and helpful
  • Gained confidence in presenting to an audience
  • Learned how to better interact with the audience to increase engagement
  • Gained useful insights in my presenting ability
  • Learned how to be more animated
  • It was absolutely great receiving feedback from everyone
  • The ‘live’ coaching was great
  • The value of pace and pauses when presenting and the benefits of slowing down my speech and feeling confident to do this
  • Learning how to project my voice – I’m soft spoken
  • Great concise session with instant feedback
  • Gained practical tips and advice in a non-judgemental environment
  • Learned how to treat my presentation like a conversation
  • Gained tricks to appear more relaxed and learn how to incorporate gestures