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Ran Paenga – Modwell

For me, already having a full- time business and personal life, I required extra motivation in targeted aspects of my business plan. I found some of the homework and actions were simple and some were challenging, however, these all were needed to be done and were all achievable . The programme had adaptable, scheduled sessions, and workload given fitted with my work and time commitments. Debs also gives some great advice, tips and techniques that helps you manage your time personally and professionally. I found the sessions were delivered in a friendly and respectful manner.

As an overall assessment, I felt the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was friendly, effective, adaptable, communicative and in a handy location providing some great contacts for me to progress the setting up of my new business.

The key points I took away was how to plan ahead and document a ‘to do’ list effectively.

The most useful strategy for me was being given great time management skills.

What I liked most about the programme was being given relevant actions to complete between each session.

The programme made a huge difference for me in that it took incomplete business plan and applied the appropriate advice and direction towards the launch of my new business.

They key skills I gained during the programme were: To Do List; Time Management; writing things down to action i.e. To Do List; prioritising; getting stuff out of my head onto paper; gained confidence; changing mindset from negative to positive.