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Shaun Denholm – Personal Life Coaching

My overall Assessment of the programme was that I found the personal  life coaching sessions valuable. I learned a lot about how to deal with negative issues that come up in my life. I struggle with a lot of negative thoughts and these sessions have helped a lot with that.

My key takeaways were don’t make assumptions about what others are thinking; everyone is not out to get you; your thoughts do not define you; bad things may happen from time to time but they will pass.

I loved the SAVERS (Hal Elrod) Debs introduced me to – Silence, Affirmations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading, Scribing which I now do each morning.

What I liked the most was having the freedom to do the sessions when it suited me. I liked just sitting down on the couch and essentially having a chat. I liked being given some direction and suggestions as this is something I struggle with.

The programme made such a difference to me personally. I feel I get less stressed at work, and when I do get stressed or down on myself, I can come out of it a lot quicker than in the past.

I would definitely recommend Debs, Success Factor as I think a lot of people have struggles in their lives that life coaching could help with.

Before starting my sessions with Debs, I was struggling with my mental health quite a lot. I didn’t know what I would get from these sessions, but as I walked out the door after my first session, I knew I was going to find some benefits from them. Each session, Debs would check in with me to see how things had gone since the past session. If anything had gone wrong (which usually was the case), She would work through these scenarios and give me different techniques to try next time something similar arose. Not everything worked but most techniques helped out in some way. After six sessions I can say I feel much better in my head. I still get stressed, and down on myself; however, in the past these feelings used to last for days, weeks, and months, and now last for only a short period.