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Sonia Karaitiana

I participated in the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme with Debs at Success Factor. Overall I felt the programme was life changing. This programme works and opens doorways of possibilities.

The key areas I will take away are belief in my self-worth. This unveiled keys to empower my way forward and led to an area of gaining a sense of pride. Seeing I can be of service to people, businesses, community, and the environment revealed direction, which is why I can now enjoy the journey.

The most interesting and useful exercise I undertook was writing the Nirvana Letter.. wow! this was powerful!! Why this was significant is simply because it gave me my WHY in Life, the values behind that WHY, and the passion to live my WHY.

This programme is invaluable and is accessible to everyone!

I particularly liked the manner of the delivery. This was welcoming, kind, constructive, efficient and professional.

The programme made a difference to me in different ways. Personally there was a shift inside my being, a gentle wake up / revelation I needed. That in turn gave me the push to get things done and I can now see my business is part of my WHY!

I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone – the holistic approach changes lives.