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Speech Coaching Business Programme – ENATEL

ENATEL had five participants who attended the Success Factor Speech Coaching Business Programme and here’s what they said.

The most useful tip and tool I gained from the programme was:

  • Being aware of things to improve on
  • Being aware of gap fillers and not using them
  • Being self-aware of my presentation skills
  • The importance of voice projection and eye contact
  • Getting feedback in a positive way

The key thing I got out of participating in the programme was:

  • Looking around at each person in the audience and pausing to improve engagement
  • How to give a more effective presentation to an audience
  • Being more self-aware of what I’m doing and how I am coming across to the audience
  • The difference of presenting to different audiences
  • Be prepared before you present

I would recommend this programme to others because:

  • It gives you more experience giving speeches and presentations
  • I would definitely recommend this programme to others – gained heaps
  • It helps you to greatly improve your presentation skills
  • Most people will have presentations to give and need to improve their skills
  • Great to build your confidence in your presentation skills


  • Getting constructive criticism on speeches given is very useful to help improve speaking skills
  • It’s a great programme to build your speaking and presenting skills
  • the programme was very informative and pushed me out of my comfort zone
  • Gained loads of confidence in my presentation skills
  • Speech Coaching Programme was great. Different to what I expected and learned so much. I feel much more confident
  • Excellent programme – learned lots