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Springfield School – Learning about iMA

Excellent seminar!

I think everyone should do what we did and learn about the different personality groups / types and what best works for them either in a work situation or anywhere – that we aren’t all the same and a different approach works for different personality types.

Would recommend this seminar – if you do it as a team and adopt this in the workplace it will make things much easier.

How fascinating the different criteria are between personalities.

Enjoyed learning and understanding my personality better and how others might perceive me.

I found it helpful being able to adapt how I interact with differing personalities.

My key takeaway was adapting one of my traits to be more assertive.

I would recommend the seminar to others; it is so good for working and personal relationships.

Very interesting and informative – learning people’s ‘colours’ and how that relates to how they work / deal with situations and how they are.

I feel the seminar will enable me to come out of my shell more.

It was helpful seeing what stress looks like for different personalities.

The best thing was simply knowing and understanding my own personality better.

I learned why I have an inability to make quick decisions and easily adapt to change – this is my future goal!

Knowing my personality type and being able to understand more about myself was the most useful takeaway.

I would definitely recommend this seminar if you are having ongoing issues (communication etc) within a team environment.

Great for team bonding and building.

I liked how we unpacked iMA Personality colours and how that works for us as a team.