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Teena Anderson FMG – Speech Coaching Business Programme

An excellent programme – 10 out of 10!

Debs was recommended to me because of my fear of public speaking, I still don’t love it but with your advice I do now put my hand up to formally speak whenever possible to normalise it.

The tools you have shared will help me in my role to deliver key messages and PowerPoint presentations, I am excited to share what I have learnt with my Team Leaders so they can also deliver more powerful messaging.

The most usable strategy for me was the mind mapping tool along with speech structure and know your audience.

The key thing I go out of participating in the programme i will use in the future is using pics and less words in PowerPoint presentations, seeking feedback on presentation learnings from audience and keep telling myself I can do this and breathe through the fear.

I would recommend this programme. Knowledge is confidence. I had a true fear of public speaking before attending. I still get nervous but having tools to deliver speeches and give presentations professional, I can keep my nerves under control.

Thanks Debs for delivering such an amazing speech coaching programme.