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Creative Wellness & Positive Changes Seminar – Williams & McKenzie

  • Loved the introduction of the SMART goals
  • Opportunity to listen to what staff want
  • Very good seminar, and would definitely recommend to others – great way to receive honest feedback
  • Great way to hear others’ fears, issues, feelings and joys for now and the future
  • The key thing I gained was the importance of communication
  • Great opportunity to acknowledge that others’ viewpoints may be different to mine
  • Helpful to know my actions or in-actions will affect my work mates
  • I learned that communication and cooperation are key
  • I would recommend the seminar to others as it was useful to hear about my work mates’ views
  • The exercise I enjoyed the most in the seminar was the part where we all did a drawing and then talked about it
  • Excellent seminar!
  • Really enjoyed getting together as a team and being honest with each other – this was very useful
  • The key takeaway was being and feeling able to speak out, and be confident to offer ideas and solutions in the future
  • The seminar was great!
  • Debs was a great presenter
  • Good topics covered
  • The seminar was very good and has made me think about broadening my knowledge
  • The seminar provided a great opportunity to get to know my colleagues better
  • I learned that sharing things with my colleagues was easier than expected