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What Values do you have for YOU and YOUR business?

  • Do you know what your personal values are?
  • Do you live by your values?
  • Are you often in conflict with your values?


  • Do you have core values for your business?
  • Are these core values in alignment with your business?
  • Are your core values often in conflict with your personal values?

The thing is if we can’t value ourselves then how can we value our business. If we go against our values when we work with or onboard a new client or customer that doesn’t align with who we are, this can upset our moral balance and our integrity.

If you feel you are living ‘under’ your values then perhaps you can use some of these steps to help your bring ‘true value’ back into your personal life and your work or business. Knowing your values help you regulate and manage your decision-making to become your moral compass.

Try these SIX STEPS to developing your personal and business values:

  1. Consider what TEN behaviours you hate, dislike or won’t tolerate about friends, colleagues, family. Often the things we hate in others is because our values are the complete opposite

  2. List TEN of the best values you love or admire in others; these may be people in your workplace, business, friends or family or even acquaintances

  3. Now look at the above list and list your TOP TEN values; these are your deal-breakers. They could be values you currently hold and live by or they might be aspirational values i.e. ones in which you want to aspire to have and work towards

  4. Consider who around you is in alignment with your values that you have in your ‘world’. These may be people in a group of friends, family members, work colleagues, or even clients or customers. Consider why we ‘allow’ them to be in our lives, and consider do we want them still to be in our lives

  5. Consenting who we spend time with either personally, at work, or in our business is up to us and being clear who is permitted in our ‘value circle’ and who isn’t is and can be empowering and cleansing. Sometimes we perhaps just didn’t get around to decluttering our circle of people whom we spend time with

  6. Consider who you bring into your value circle in future and work towards building strong and positive social and business networks. If we attract people with similar or same values think about how those relationships will develop, grow and flourish with mutual benefit

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