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Growing Yourself Or Your Business

As a business coach & mentor and personal life coach it’s so important to encourage, inspire, motivate and empower clients to grow personally and professionally to achieve their dreams, goals, ambitions and aspirations.

Often it can be hard to exactly see how we might do this when there is fear, doubt, and negative mindset.

Here are some suggestions on how you might grow yourself or your business:

Self-esteem – even although this can be hard we need to recognise the things we are good at, focusing on our strengths rather than our weaknesses, develop positive relationships by surrounding ourselves with good people who want to support us. Focusing on the positive rather than the negative, be kind to ourselves and see obstacles as opportunities rather than challenges.

Confidence – if our self-confidence is low, we can reflect on where this lack of confidence comes from and imagine what having confidence looks like. This visual exercise is a good way to work on building confidence gradually. Take notes of how you’re feeling daily so you can actually see and measure your progress which will help to boost confidence further.

Communication – some of us are assertive and others non-assertive; some of us find it really easy to communicate with others, particularly people we don’t know. We can often stick within our comfort zone and avoid social interaction and group meetings, however, taking gentle steps to speak with just one person finding out more about them is a great way to gently improve communication.

Whether you are looking to develop personally or professionally, plan your training needs and map these out so you can see the key milestones you want to achieve.

Learning and developing is fun and whilst can feel somewhat daunting at times, it will work towards building self-esteem, confidence and improve communication.

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