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7 Steps to Manage the Journey of Change

The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable” – John F Kennedy

– Why don’t we want to make that journey of change?

– Why can’t we trust that the journey will be exciting instead of fearful?

– Why are we so scared of the unknown?

If we really understood our resistance to change then we could do something about it, but unfortunately for some of us, we don’t even want to think about it, let alone do anything about it!

For us to welcome change we need to change ourselves.

Everything is changing so fast, moving forward at an ever-increasing speed, and we also know we are unable to do anything about it!

7 Steps on how to manage the change journey:

1.   Imagine change being a journey with a long and winding road

2.   Imagine yourself in the driver’s seat with your GPS in front of you, giving you clear directions, details of the bends coming up, the length of your journey and a picture of the surrounding countryside on the way – this is a journey you would enjoy taking because you are in control, in charge, with a clear outcome – reaching your destination

3.   Generate a clear picture in your mind about your change journey being a road to a destination, taking time to ensure which is the best route, fastest, safest, most picturesque…

4.   Give the destination of this journey of change a name, a picture, a feeling, and an outcome

5.   Most importantly ensure your mode of transport for this journey of change is your dream car so the journey is enjoyable and pleasurable

6.   Ensure you have taken sufficient items with you to support you on your journey, water, food and some great music

7.   Now think of this journey of change being your goals to make those positive changes in your life

You wouldn’t normally take a journey without all the normal planning above, and unplanned change can feel like this is what you are doing. By preparing for your journey of change you will have a plan with a clear outcome and steps to help you reach your destination of choice.

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