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Are You a (good) leader?

Whether you are an independent business owner, or work for a large business or company, being a leader can be challenging.

Leadership can come naturally to some, however for others, this may be something they have to work on.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you can start or stop doing to become a good or better leader and to be more respected and effective.

Below are some tips which you might want to consider or incorporate in your daily life to help you become a good leader:

Team Members – It’s really important to choose your team carefully and wisely. Ensuring they have the right skill set, strengths, experience and personalities to fit the team, job and role. Being a successful leader is being surrounded by a successful team and team members.

Positive Role Model: Being a good leader is about setting a good example and leading by example. Being professional, reliable, consistent and supportive is important as well as listening to each person’s ideas and hearing and valuing their input. Asking for feedback will show the team members their opinions and views are important and valued.

Communication: Communication can make or break a business, company or team. Communicating in a timely and effective way is imperative, communicating often to the whole team as well as the wider stakeholders will ensure everyone is on the same page and understands what they need to do, what and when by. Sharing the vision, goals and what needs to be achieved so everyone is on board and takes ownership will ensure a successful outcome.

Enjoy the Process: It’s so important to have fun whilst you are learning, enjoy the process and don’t get too stressed about the finer details. Learning how you go and learning from others is what helps. Often, it’s good for others to see that even the best leaders can make mistakes and are learning too! Ensuring there is a great upbeat fun-factor culture embedded will go a long way to having a cohesive team.

Have fun: While business is certainly serious, the best leaders know how to build excitement and have fun with their teams. Creating a positive and fun culture is important!

Developing your own style: There are several leadership styles and whilst we will all develop our own style that fits with our personality and values, it’s important also to ensure the style fits within the business or organisation culture too.

Working hard as not only a good leader but as a team player will show you have the important qualities to lead the team to a successful outcome. Being compassionate and making smart choices as well as being accountable to the team as they are to you will show mutual appreciation and respect.

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