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Are You a Great Leader?

Are you a great leader?

How might you know if you are a great leader?

There are a number of different attributes, signs and signals that can enable us to determine whether or not we are truly a great leader or not.

Being a coach: How much we might actively be like a coach? A coach believes in empowering people, removing obstacles and helping them to be successful in what they do and who they are.

Understanding our weaknesses: Being a great leader is to understand our own weaknesses, focus on our own strengths. Great leaders realise they have strengths and weaknesses, and by understanding our own weaknesses we can show others it’s okay to embrace and work on these and be a great leader.

Embracing our vulnerabilities: Being able to embrace our vulnerabilities sends out a positive message as a great leader to others. We are showing them we are human; we will make mistakes; we will mess up and when we do we own it.

Being interested in others: It’s not all about us, being interested in others is a wonderful trait and signs of a great leader. Being interested in knowing and understanding other people and their story and getting to know them as a person means you can improve a working relationship massively.

Dealing with obstacles: We know as great leaders we need to embrace challenges and deal with obstacles that come our way. We need to role model being open and creative to ideas, challenge the status quo, empower our team to jointly come up with ideas, rather than feeling it’s just the leader that should come up with ideas.

Perhaps you identify with some of the above attributes and signs of a great leader and see which ones you already have, look at some you would like to focus on and perhaps set some goals around how you might upskill to gain new skills or improve on existing skills.

Being a great leader means role modelling positive leadership styles and growing new leaders within our teams.

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