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Are you a Yes or No Person?

  • Are you a yes person reluctant to say no and then feeling overwhelmed with work you can’t handle?
  • Are you a no person who feels bad about letting someone down trying to justify you have done it for the right reasons?
  • Perhaps you are a yes person who feels empowered about saying yes to new challenges knowing this will help you grow!
  • Or perhaps you are a no person fearful of stepping outside your comfort zone in the fear of failing or not achieving or letting someone or yourself down!

Whichever of the above you are, perhaps you can consider the following steps in determining what type of person you want to be and why.

Do you want to be a yes person and feel empowered but not overwhelmed? This would be the ideal wouldn’t it?


Do you want to be a no person focusing instead on yourself, so you can manage your time better as this is your priority right now?

  • Saying yes will empower me to push myself outside my comfort zone
  • Saying no will encourage me to focus on my priorities and not others’ priorities
  • Whatever I say yes or no to is the right decision for me and my business

Whether you feel you are a yes or a no person, or whether you feel you are both, let whichever decision work for you, weighing up the pros and cons of decision making before taking any action.


  1. To be mindful of understanding the benefits of personal and professional growth and the hazards of our own limitations or self-belief
  2. To be positive knowing you can cope with whatever you decide to take on or not take on
  3. Your mind and heart once focused on the job in hand can and will manage; you will and can cope and adjust

Empower yourself by being in control of what you say yes or no to, deciding on what decision to make and when to make it as well as what actions to take if at all.

You can do it can’t you? YES or NO?

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