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Are you an Over Thinker?

  • Do you make situations difficult in your life?
  • Do you go over details again and again?
  • Do you think deeply about everything?
  • Do you spend time analysing everything that happens?

If you answered YES to 2 or more of the above, you are likely an over thinker!

  •  Finding meaning in everything
  • Thinking more than you need to
  • Finding difficulty in letting things go
  • Resisting change
  • Wanting things to stay the same
  • Wanting everything to be just SO perfect and correct!
Recognise some of these????

We know the only constant is change, however, if it’s constant, and we experience this often, then surely none of us should be in a rut and overthink what ‘change’ might bring about.

Try focusing on how you can relax, go with the flow and enjoy change – even go as far as saying taking a ‘chill pill’ and getting to ‘like the taste’ of bringing about natural change in your lives, encouraging it to the point of becoming a Change Agent!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all become Change Addicts and be ready for anything, almost seeking out change without overthinking it!

If we saw change more like an adventure, whether big or small, enjoyed the thrill of doing something new, relishing wonderful new experiences and trying new things – wouldn’t that be better?

If we pretended it was an adventure, venture, or journey, perhaps we’d be less likely to overthink things – because an adventure is exciting creating a let’s ‘see what happens’ mentality.

Try these 3 tips?

  1. Label ‘change’ differently – call it an adventure, pushing overthinking out the window, instead, get carried away with how we can get the most out of this wonderful adventure we are going on.
  2. Thinking about change being a new beginning rather than an ending, a fresh exciting start to move away from stale and stagnant sameness
  3. Practice these with small changes to reduce your overthinking, then choose larger areas in your life to make those exciting positive changes – you never know where it will lead!

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