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Are you creating the future you want?

Whether you are a goal person or not and whether you are a list person or not, I’m sure you still have goals, aims or visions of what you want to achieve in life.

Often these are wish lists or ‘if I won lotto’ thoughts, but if we put our mind to it, we can achieve what we want.

If this is the case, then why aren’t we all achieving what we want in life?

Usually there is something that prevents us or hinders us from doing so, and that ‘something’ is usually us. What we think, feel, or the way we act becomes the barriers or obstacles that hold us back.

As parents we tell our children they have choices and can do and be what and who they want, and life is what they make it, so we need to follow that great advice we give them and apply it to ourselves.

Here’s some suggestions of how you can achieve anything you want in life to create the future you want:

Focus – We must keep our attention on our goal of what we aim to achieve and concentrate on doing this. To do this we need to be committed and find ways of trying to keep ourselves motivated. Keeping focused can be hard work and so having clear actions and small steps to help stay on track is key

Knowledge – We need to understand how we operate, what makes us tick, what our weaknesses are; where we might falter and gather that information about ourselves. Understanding how we’ve succeeded or not in the past and using this experience to gain traction

Fun – We are all on a journey and if we don’t enjoy each step then what’s the point. We need to build in incentives and rewards, take breaks and breathers to enjoy and be in the moment, otherwise the journey is a long and tedious one and one in which won’t be accomplished if we don’t enjoy it along the way

Positive – We should be mindful of avoiding the trap of drifting to the negative thoughts and trying to keep positive and optimistic. We must focus on what we want to achieve and not go down the path of what might go wrong, although we do need to be mindful of pitfalls along the way and consider how we manage these

Creative – We can often get trapped in our own little box and be blinkered, not see the wood for the trees. If we think creatively to look at all possible options so we pick the best one rather than being too narrow-minded and possibly missing great opportunities

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