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Are you doing enough to promote your business?

Are you doing enough to promote your business?

Well all it takes is having a great elevator speech using just 25-35 words and 30 – 60 seconds!

Here are 10 tips to think about when developing your elevator speech….
1. It’s not about what you sell or provide but what you do and why you do it
2. Know your outcome – make it interesting so people say ‘Tell me more…’
3. Add an emotional benefit
4. Start with story; humour; news NOT your business ‘spiel’
5. Highlight a problem you can help your customer or client solve
6. Quantify your success by adding evidence of the benefits
7. Explain the situation and illustrate the problem customers or clients are facing or may face
8. Explain the impact of the current situation
9. Reach a resolution – explain how you will solve their problem
10. Focus on benefits NOT products and services (WIIFM)

If you are interested to attending the next Elevator workshop please see below – Public Speaking Workshop – Wednesday 09 November, 10am – 1pm, Styx and Stone, Belfast.

Is the fear of public speaking hindering you from effectively promoting your business?
Well all it takes is speech coaching, it’s just making the commitment to face our fear and move out of our comfort zone!

Here are 10 Tips for successful public speaking..
1. Know your material – make sure you always know your subject thoroughly; research well
2. Practice, practice, practice – practice in front of the mirror or record yourself on your phone
3 Know your audience – ensure you are pitching your presentation at the right level
4. Know the venue – check out the room beforehand if you can so you will feel more comfortable
5. Relax – keep positive thoughts before you start, breathe, pause regularly, and smile!
6. Imagine yourself giving a great presentation – give yourself a boost by imagining yourself giving your speech confidently
7. Know that the audience does not want you to fail – your audience will be interested and will be understanding of your nervousness
8. Never apologise – you will notice what you didn’t include or forgot to mention; the audience will never even notice!
9. Concentrate on your key message or call to action – what is the one thing you want them to take away; remember the last thing you say is the main thing they will remember
10. Build confidence through practice – the more you practice the easier it will become, take every opportunity to present, volunteer when you can

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