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Are you full of good intentions?

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions – I think we’ve all heard of this saying and relate to it, can’t we?

Are you someone who is generally undecided unable to make decisions, often sitting on the fence, or are you a typical procrastinator, always putting things off and avoiding those things you should be doing?

Or perhaps you are someone who is determined, never tires, always willing to give things a try and never giving up, but often never following through and completing the job?

We all know we should set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound), and aligned with our personal values. Our goals should always be written down and kept visible otherwise aren’t they just a ‘wish’ and never likely to be achieved?

However, regardless of whether we write our goals down or not, despite our intentions we mainly don’t achieve them, do we?

Here’s three steps to help you fulfil your intentions and achieve your goals:

  1. Clarify Your Personal Values – These are both current and aspirational which means those we are already living up to and those which we are in the process of living up to. By identifying clearly what our top ten personal values are and why can help confirm what makes us tick, what makes us, us and what might help us achieve and be successful.
  • Identify Your Goals – If we ensure that the goals we’ve identified as having to achieve do align with our personal values, both current and aspirational, then at least we can see there are clear links with what we want and who we are or want to be. This means we are more likely already to be more successful in achieving our goals.
  • Understanding Our Goals – By this I mean understanding why they are our goals in the first place. We need to ask ourselves why we want this goal and what does this goal give us. Then we need to ask what we want from this goal and what this gives us. Lastly, we need to identify the emotional benefit of the goal, for example what or how does this goal or how will achieving this goal make me feel. By tapping into our emotions and imagining how we feel about achieving the goal will give us more chance of fulfilling our goals.

The end result of these steps is that we will have clarified our real goal.

By clarifying our personal values, identifying our goals and understanding why they are our goals and what the emotional benefit is means we will have ensured we have set the right goals for the right reason at the right time.

By considering these points your intentions will are more likely to be realised.

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