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There are some of us who find it real easy to set goals, write them down, keep them front of mind and achieve them. For others, this is not so easy, with goals being in their head, forgotten and not achieved. And a few who never set goals because they know they won’t achieve, so why bother.

Whichever category you are in, you may consider instead focusing on GROWing rather than goals specifically.

To grow we do need a goal, but before we determine our goal we need to clarify what we want and what that will give us. What’s exciting about it and really important to us. It’s about imagining us having achieved or succeeded, and really getting into the feeling of being there at the ‘end’. Create the picture, image or vision in your head. Once we do this we engage our emotions and can really start to ‘feel’ like we want this.

Before we can move forward we need to check-in with ourselves by noting how we are feeling right now. How are things going, are they as good as they could be or could they be better, and if so in what way. This helps us see the gaps, and when we see the gaps we can focus on those things that are important to us, our personal values. What are they, are they living values or aspiring values and if we aren’t living to our values does this create some concerns for us. Consider who or what might help us, what resources might be available to help us move forward. We need to also be really clear on any barriers that may prevent us from growing, and does this create some resistance for us, and what does this mean.

Now we need to become creative and consider what options we might have on the table available to us. What approach might we take, because we will have options, opportunities and choices and so considering these is useful. What strategies might you pull out of your toolbox to use. Start visualising, imagining if there were no limits what could you do, would you start over or change from now. When you consider your options, determine what the advantages and disadvantages are for each of these. Really think outside the square.

Now we need to move forward and consider which path to take, make a decision based on the choices and options we have. Which one looks best and why. When might you start, is there anything else you need to do, have your forgotten anything. How committed are you to growing, write this down on a scale of 0-10, what does this tell you. How are you going to be accountable and do you need an accountability buddy, a coach or someone you can do this with. And lastly, when you’ve achieved, how are you going to celebrate success, what is this going to feel like or look like. Celebrating success and your achievement is a wonderful motivator.

Use GROW structure – GOAL | REALITY | OPTIONS | WAY FORWARD to help you  identify and achieve your goals.

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