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Are you Planning to Beat Your ‘Business’ Personal Best next year?

As we approach the end of the year, and whilst you enjoy your Christmas Day reflecting on how the year has been for you and your business you might be thinking about what your business ‘personal best’ was and how you might seek to achieve a new business ‘personal best’.

To do this we need to have a plan, a strategy, goals and actions or steps to enable us to have clear focus, direction as well as be able to pace ourselves to ensure we can achieve what we’ve set out to do.

The definition of ‘personal best’ according to Andrew Martin, Scientia Professor and Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of New South Wales are “goals that are specific, challenging; competitively self-referenced goals that involve a level of performance that meets or exceeds an individual’s previous best”.

Often, we spend more time focusing on our personal best for personal goals such as fitness, and less time on our business or career goals.

If we focus on how we can improve our personal best rather than how we might be measuring up against other similar businesses, our competitors, we can raise our motivation giving ourselves a positive challenge not only to achieve but to exceed!

How might we do this? And how might we touch on considering this whilst we chill out over the festive season?

Here’s two steps you and your team might consider using:

  1. Being on same page – Consider how you might encourage your team to be on the same page as you so you are all singing from the same song sheet; aiming for all the key stakeholders to have ownership and buy-in; having the right people to do this helps however, productive and constructive team meetings can certainly help with this too!

  2. Identifying road bumps – We need to be thinking ahead of any potential or likely obstacles or blocks that might inhibit us from achieving our goals; we need to consider all the possible scenarios so we’ve thought through all the likely problems; utilising our team to do this is a great way to encourage them to be involved and think of creative ways to deal with any possible problems

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought about how you can seek to achieve a new personal best for your business.

Merry Christmas!

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