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Are you taking care of you?

We do need to be mindful of our own mental health and support our wellbeing.

Isn’t it times like these when we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves, as well as our family, friends and colleagues?

Not forgetting if in business we also need to take care of our business family.

When we are at our best personally, we are positive and healthy with normal changes of mood, pretty sociable and active, sleeping well and feeling calm.

At work we are able to concentrate easily and focus on our tasks, have fairly high work standards, and are mostly solution-focused. We are aware of those warning signs of ‘not being okay’ and have a good work / life balance.

Sometimes, when our wellbeing isn’t so good and we’re feeling a little stressed, at home we might become irritable, perhaps anxious and our energy starts to drop. Whereas in work we are starting to find it difficult to concentrate, missing deadlines, standards dropping and becoming less engaged in work tasks.

If we don’t do something about the early warning signs, and ignore our intuition, things can start to take a dive where are emotions can worsen with angry outbursts or feeling depressed, not sleeping well and feeling fatigued. Work now is becoming untenable and we might start to withdraw totally from others with longer work absences.

Do you identify with any of the three stages above, and did you notice the warning signs in yourself?

We need to have our own wellbeing checks, and check-in with others who might be showing these signs and possibly not reaching out to someone. It’s at times like these when we need to look after our own mental health and be aware of how we’re doing.

If we look after ourselves properly, we are able to look after others more easily. We need to learn to spot the personal warning signs and make sure we are taking care of our own wellbeing and that of others.

Remember your own health and happiness, and your business, will benefit.

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