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Are you up for the Challenge?

Over the last few months I have become increasingly aware of how many of us face new challenges every day and intrigued as to how we face them!

Health Issues – I live by the mantra, treat every day as though it’s your last, as you just don’t know what’s around the corner. Recently I’ve had two family members and two friends who have had to face the most challenging health issues and admired each one on how they’ve faced these and where they’ve drawn strength from.

Learning New Things – I truly believe we have something to learn every day and try and take what I’ve learned and use it and share my learning with others. Whether it’s IT software, a new job or career, whether it’s starting a new hobby, spending time with children or grandchildren doing their homework – we are having to soak up new information or a different way of doing things.

Choice or Compulsory – Whether the challenges are something we have chosen or whether they’ve been forced on us, often determines how open we are to learn something new. If it’s a choice we are likely to welcome this as a means of our personal or professional growth, however, if imposed on us the we tend to put up barriers unintentionally and sub-consciously, resisting the change with a vengeance.

Changes in Systems – We live in a fast changing environment, if we stand still we fall back quickly, if we aren’t open to working with new systems then how can we fit in with what’s around us, we slowly become the odd one out, the one unwilling to even try, which can add pressure and stress in feel coerced into taking on a new way of doing things.

The Why – We see challenges as a test, where we may fail, make a fool of ourselves, or show ourselves up in front of others, fearing being judged and measured against others. When instead we could look on these as a fun exercise, embracing them, working with others, buddying up with someone and working together.

Do or Learn Something New – I encourage, no challenge you to try and do or learn something new every day!

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