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At this time of year, do you intend to?

I’m sure you’ve heard the proverb “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, and you probably know it has nothing to do with a road to hell or that the road is paved, but that, ‘hell’ (or Sir Hell) was paved with good intentions.

This reminds me of the other more common word used, the ‘a round tuit’, (or the saying never getting around to it), referring to those who say they intend to do something and never do.

This led me to wondering how many times your road been paved with good intentions or how many round tuits you might have and why have you never gotten around to doing things?

Feeling – Thinking – Doing – let’s look at these individually.

Feeling – We spend a great deal of time with our emotions feeling happy or sad or various other feelings of possibly empathy with others which triggers us into feeling understanding of ours or another’s situation, and this compassion or sympathy leads onto thinking

Thinking – Following feeling things, our brains start working on overdrive, where now we are trying to analyse things, i.e. making sense of what is or has been happening to try and put a name to it or putting it into context as now we intend to take some action i.e. doing

Doing – Now we’ve worked through our various emotions and spent time thinking through things, now we feel inspired and motivated into doing an activity as this closes the circle, completes the cycle, but here’s the thing, often this is where there is a break in the circuit, as the ‘DO IT’ or doing doesn’t get done..

It’s odd really when you come to think about it as after feeling and thinking, surely the doing would provide us with a deal of satisfaction i.e. a job well done, and after the time spent feeling and thinking surely that last bit should be easy.

So, my call to action for you is, especially at this time of year, what do you intend to do? Note the emphasis on the ‘do’ bit.

Can you complete the ‘feeling – thinking – doing’ circle?

It’s up to you isn’t it?

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