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Attitude Adjustment

There’s nothing wrong with MY attitude! It’s everyone else – not me!

Quit your attitude or even better still – adjust your attitude!

Why is it that some people just have ‘that’ sort of attitude, have always had that attitude and will likely always have ‘that’ attitude?

Are you one of those people who truly believes everyone else is at fault barring you?

All good things start and end with us! Doesn’t it?

If we look at what attitude means, it states it’s somewhere between belief, a stance, or a mood!

We can often start the day with a feeling that everything is going wrong and everyone and everything makes us feel exasperated or just makes us plain irritated.

Being in that resentful, angry or negative mindset can cause us to feel differently about those around us. We might start to feel that everyone else has it easy, barring us. Everyone appears to be doing great, better than us, their successes came easier than ours did! We seem always to have work harder than anyone else for less than what they needed to.

Our focus has now gone onto them rather than ourselves. We feel hard done by and can’t see that we’re where we are because of us and no-one else. Even to the point of being asked ‘couldn’t you?’ ‘shouldn’t you?’ and the reasons for not being the success you wanted is everyone else’s fault, we could have but it was their fault, we should have, but it was because something prevented us from…

We’ve entered into the ‘excuses’ syndrome rather than taking ownership on what we have or haven’t done.

This is where we need to decide on adjusting our attitude!

Attitude Adjustment is a mindset – it’s down to us to make the change and take ownership of our ourselves and our actions.

We need to take the following steps to adjustment our attitude:

  1. It’s not about them, it’s about us
  2. Before we blame others, look in the mirror first
  3. Choose to have a positive attitude not a negative one
  4. Have a ‘yes’ mindset and attitude adjustment
  5. Realise that only we can change our lives, achieve our actions and fulfil our dreams, no-one else

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