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Be an Inspiration to Yourself!

Who inspires you the most?

Who impresses you the most?

What is it about those people that inspire and impress you?

How would you like to inspire or impress people?

These are questions we should ask ourselves if we want to grow.

Perhaps that person is from our past, our childhood or school days who was an influential part of our lives. It might be from our present, someone in the workplace or another business.

The person who inspires or impresses you the most could either be personally or professionally or both!

If we are going to think about whom these people are we need to have a reason for thinking about them. Perhaps we want to learn some of their qualities, gain some of their skills, or develop our personal or professional growth in the way they did.

Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. Take time out to think back in your past, or present, to a person who has influenced you or currently inspires you every day
  2. Write down the qualities, skills or attributes you believe these people to have
  3. Write down what it is about those people and their qualities you like or admire the most
  4. Think about and write down what you feel you can learn from them that you can use, develop or incorporate in your life right now

We might also want to look at ourselves too! What qualities, attributes and skills do we have that others may admire in us? This is not a time to be modest but to be honest and truthful.

  1. List those qualities about yourself you are most proud of
  2. How did you gain those qualities?
  3. How do you use those qualities to gain a positive outcome?
  4. What qualities or attributes do you wish you had or feel you are lacking in?

Compare the lists above. Develop a plan of what you need to do and when you are going to do it, i.e. talking to those people and hearing how they got there, to gain their skills and whom did they aspire to be at one time.

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