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Be Like a Tree

I saw a great graphic recently called ‘be like a tree’ and really loved the metaphor of how being more like a tree can help us in so many ways.

Whilst we are all trying to reinvent ourselves, be better than others, we often don’t consider how we could look after ourselves and either forget, don’t have time, put ourselves last or some other reason.

To be ‘like a tree’, we can learn so much without having to reinvent ourselves, just learn from nature.

Below are the six areas to be like a tree which I hope you will provide you with some takeaways.

The first thing it talked about was staying grounded. How important is that? Particularly at times of feeling stressed or overwhelmed we can and often are all over the place when at these times in particular, staying grounded would stand us in good stead.

The second part was to connect with your roots. There are so many references I could use for this one. Personally of course, being true to ourselves, our family, our values and traditions. In business or career connecting with our roots can also help us stay grounded and remind us of who we are, why we are where we are, and what we want to do. Helping us reflect on what we are doing will help us adjust as necessary.

The third part is to turn over a new leaf. Well of course the beginning of a new year can encourage us to do this through new year’s resolutions or setting goals or even changing our lives around, whether this is for health and fitness, health and wellbeing, work / life balance, or our career or business. However, we can turn over a new leaf and have new beginnings and new chapters at any time in our lives or time of the year.

The fourth part is to bend before you break. Well resilience, adaptability, flexibility all sits within this. We’ve ‘done’ the word resilience to death over the last few years because we’ve all had our resilience tested in so many ways, however, being able to change to accommodate personal and professional changes helps us so much. In business, we need to be ahead of the game to keep up with others, and during economic climate changes this is never more important than now.

The fifth part is to enjoy your unique natural beauty. Aren’t we all so bad at this and often self-critical, rarely acknowledging who we are, our strengths and uniqueness? We are all different and should embrace this on every level and be proud of it, shouldn’t we? Starting with reflecting on acknowledging and praising ourselves for what we’ve done and how well we’ve done it, is all part of that.

The sixth and final part is to keep growing. To stop learning means we won’t continue to grow. I believe whilst we’re still breathing, we should keep learning to continually develop personally and professionally. This means investing in ourselves.

Perhaps you could reflect on the six areas above and see how you too can be like a tree and see what you might do to make positive changes in your personal and professional life.

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