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Be positive and great powers will come to your aid!

Often, we are faced with challenges which derail us sending us into a downward spiral of negativity and hopelessness. When this happens, we can’t stop the feeling of impending gloom or doom. We find it hard to focus on any strands of positivity.

I’m sure like me you come across people who always seem to be and remain positive despite the challenges they face. In fact, I would go as far as saying that those with the most challenges and dire circumstances seem to be the most determined and positive people I’ve ever met.

But where do they get it from? Is it learned, is it inherent in us, were we always like this or did it materialise because of our circumstances?

Alternatively, perhaps it’s a choice with positive people; they decide to choose the positive option or is it something they work on? I wonder how anyone with continued challenges, whatever they may be, keep up continued positivity?

Let’s consider some suggestions to those who may have struggles or challenges and who find it impossible to keep positive with numerous nagging negative thoughts that invade our waking moments and sometimes even our sleep.

One lesson I learned recently when faced with challenging news was that those close to me were offering words of empathy, good advice, all of which I have in the past offered to others who have met with difficult times.

What happens to us when we are the one who can’t find positivity when we need it? We hopefully listen to those worldly tips and pieces of advice, listen and take heed, and believe in what they’re saying.

For example, I might encourage a client to have personal positive affirmations and keep them visible, say them out loud to themselves until they truly believe them. When it’s our turn to be positive we need to listen to the advice we’ve given others, despite this being hard, we know we have to do it, we have to not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

So, what are my tips and advice for us when we need to be positive and can’t be or struggling to be?

I believe it hinges on believing that if we are positive then good things will happen and great powers will come to our aid.

Positive thinking is hard but necessary, and if we believe then we can make good things happen.

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