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Being Creative and Doing it Different!

We know the most constant thing is change, and never more so than now during COVID-19! It seems that everything is different and may not ever be the same.

Sometimes this can feel overwhelming and stressful, however, change whilst partly is unnerving, it can also be exciting and invigorating, almost enticing us to think differently and inviting us to be creative and consider doing things different and maybe better than we did before.

Each business, industry and service and has, is and will be affected in some way or another. Everyone of us, and not just in business needs to change the way we do things.

Having to do things differently impacts us on every level, emotionally, physically, mentally, practically, personally and professionally.

The benefit we’ve also had and have, is that we’ve had and have time to execute that change and the change process of thinking different, providing our services differently and maybe even how we do business.

Change can and could be a challenge, a goal, an aspiration to be something better and different to what we were before. Time right now is our friend, a gift given to us to have that mental capacity to consider what our options are.

How might we do this?

  1. Determine what the best time of day or day of the week is the best time for you to be creative and think quietly
  2. Whether you’re a list person or a visual person, note down or draw how you would like things to be in this new environment we find ourselves in
  3. List the positives or benefits, the added value not only for our clients but also for ourselves and our families
  4. Also put down the disadvantages, the ‘cons’ too; but consider how you can minimise these or even flip them around to be a ‘pro’ instead = be creative! Be positive!
  5. If we stand still, we are falling behind. COVID-19 has forced us into thinking differently and having to be creative. There are some great ideas and good old Kiwi ‘ingenuity’ out there. You never know, you might end up with something bigger, better and more rewarding than before!

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