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Beliefs and Values

Beliefs and Values

What is the vision you hold for yourself or a new role or challenge?

Is it seeing yourself completing something successful, or is it seeing yourself not completing or failing?

For us to be able to have a positive vision of ourselves we need to believe in ourselves and understand our personal values. To do this we need to understand what makes us tick, identify, know and understand our values, and why they are our values as well as what those values mean to us.

To enable us to achieve our full potential we need to believe in ourselves. If we were to consider where and what we lack in our own self-belief we can then explore what might be possible if we were to unblock what it is stopping us and what we might achieve if we did.

We are growing every day in every way, whether these are personal or professional challenges, continuing to step outside of our comfort zone, often making ourselves feel a little apprehensive and vulnerable.

To help us mitigate the ‘fear’ element, believing in ourselves and understanding our values can increase our confidence and reduce the feeling of ‘can’t’ or feeling we won’t achieve whatever challenge is coming our way.

We need to match the needs of the challenge to our values and beliefs. This gives us the tools which in turn help us to develop strategies to complete the challenge.

Choosing which value or values we can draw upon to meet the challenge can and will help our self-belief.

When we are faced with a challenge or role, we can work through identifying and understanding our values and beliefs to help us rise to the challenge or role.

Alternatively, we can take time out to find out more about ourselves, understand ourselves more by understanding our values and beliefs for us generally

So, when you are thinking what the vision is you hold for yourself or a new role or challenge, you can work through the above to help you grow in confidence encouraging you to take on more roles or challenges as you will be able to see yourself completing your task or role successfully rather than not completing or failing?

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