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I can see clearly now! Can YOU?

I can see clearly now

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way”
Johnny Nash

Like the idiom ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’, sometimes we just can’t see things clearly because we are guilty of often over-analysing. Why? Because we are too closely involved.

What do we do? Carry on doing the same! Groundhog Day!
Is this you?

  1. Taking on too much
  2. Not feeling in control
  3. Expecting too much of yourself
  4. Putting too much pressure on yourself

Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly

Torin Rush
Sometimes when you feel ‘stuck’ you just need to be able to go through things with someone who can get you ‘unstuck’, helping you decide to make a change in your life, work or business. This is where working with a business coach / mentor or life / personal coach can help.

It is helpful sometimes to think of someone you admire, and think of what they might do. This might help you clarify what you need to do and when, for example, which action leaps out to you that you need to do today, tomorrow, next week.

It is helpful to review what prevents us from completing our actions, writing down what we achieved instead of doing our action! This helps us see where we went wrong. Prioritising what we do is easy to say but sometimes hard to do. Planning the week ahead and reviewing the week gone is a great way of keeping us focused.

Most of what we do is habitual. Reviewing what we need to start doing and stop doing, so we focus on habits that benefit us, and stop doing those which continually slow us down or stop us. I encourage clients to look back and think about what they would choose to do if they had the choice to go back and start again to help re-focus on moving forward more efficiently and positively.

Here are TEN steps to help you see clearly now:

  1. STOP! Just for 15 minutes or so each day
  2. Sit back and think about what’s going on right now
  3. Write down your problem or perceived obstacle or challenge
  4. Think about what your ideal outcome would be for you
  5. List your options for developing solutions for the way forward
  6. Make a list of what you need to do over the next few days or weeks
  7. Create boundaries for yourself so you don’t take on too much
  8. Make changes to develop a routine in your work and personal life
  9. Start a journal describing how achieving your goals will make you feel
  10. Imagine your issue is resolved and your goal is achieved

When you can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’ and you are not feeling as motivated as you know you want to be, then work on celebrating your biggest achievements that you are most proud of – and remember why you started.


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