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Causes and Symptoms – Health of Ourselves and our Business

We all seem to be dealing with so much right now. We seem to have so much to consider and look after, our family, health, job or business, finances, goals and much more.

Sometimes it can all feel just too much, and we find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed and noticing problems or mistakes happening more often, our motivation starts to dwindle, our energy levels reduce and then our sleep gets affected; it’s just a vicious cycle.

Let’s look at the possible cause and symptoms of ourselves and our business.

Cause – we know that the cause of something is our signal to do something, take action to rectify a problem, where we need to set time aside to do this. 

Symptom – this is an indication of something that is wrong, or not right, it might start with a feeling. Whether this is a condition of yourself or your business, we need to listen, take note, be aware and consider what has caused the dis-ease in the first place. 

To enable us to understand a problem requires us to identify the cause. If we just address the symptom then we aren’t digging deep enough to find the root cause. This can lead to unwanted consequences that may affect us personally, professionally and perhaps financially.

Let’s look at some practical steps to help us look after our health and that of our businesses:

  1. Plan Your Day – I know this seems to easy, and perhaps if you’re feeling really low, just too hard, but when plans start going out of the window cracks start appearing, we feel less in control, like we’re not managing as we should. Without planning we won’t achieve what we want, and likely to feel unproductive and demotivated.
  2. Take Stock – Take short breaks during the day, or a short planning session at the beginning of each day and a short review session at the end of each day to see how things are going. This could be weekly planning and review if easier. Putting the stop or pause button on to have a look at where we are going and how we are going to get there as well as considering when we are going to do our actions.
  3. Journaling – For some of you, you may think this is just another job to do, for those who do it and get heaps from it swear by it. It’s a great way to note down what has gone well, not so well, what we learned about what we did or didn’t do, what we might do better next time and so on. This time is a time for reflection and balancing our days to ensure we have an even amount of positives and negatives.

If we consider cause and symptoms of ourselves and our businesses properly and seriously, we can nip things in the bud more easily, deal with smaller things more often than larger things less often.

If you are interested in wanting help in any of these areas ask me about our one-hour complimentary consultation.

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