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Challenge Yourself – You Can Do Anything!

  • How much do you challenge yourself?
  • Why do you challenge yourself?
  • Do you challenge yourself for the right reasons?
  • Do you benefit from challenging yourself?

What if we paused, pondered and reflected?

What would that do and how might it help?

What if we prepared, planned and regenerated?

Imagine what difference that would make?

What if we told ourselves to never give up, never be scared and to be strong!

I’m sure we would be more confident, motivated and productive!

Challenging ourselves needs to be done in a positive constructive way

Where we are kind to ourselves and not harsh

Or setting unrealistic goals or too many tasks

We may be working hard or hardly working, having a feast or a famine, and constantly trying to better ourselves.

Remember trying is just as important as succeeding, effort just as important as achievement – becoming is much better than being!

Take these SIX steps to challenge yourself!

  1. Pause – take time out often and regularly and do something positive with that time
  2. Ponder – this is the time to contemplate and consider next steps or different options
  3. Reflect – here we can manifest what we want and reveal our more creative side
  4. Prepare – time to develop and formulate the next steps to give clear direction
  5. Plan – a comprehensive strategy with a clear destination highlights the right path
  6. Regenerate – a moment taken to restore you, revitalise plans, freshen your thoughts

Following these steps and coming from a place of being thankful, staying thankful and being grateful provides a great platform for a perfect starting place.

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