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Changing Ourselves for the Better Creates a Better Us

As we start to wind down for the end of the year reflecting on what a year it’s been and how we’ve faired on a personal and professional level, as well as starting to prepare for a new year, and wondering what might be in store for us, we need to start with how we can manage ourselves and our well-being.

When we start with ourselves, we need to look at how confident we are and determine how much we believe in ourselves. We need to be aware of this before we even contemplate planning for a new year otherwise, we are unlikely to achieve our goals.

Our self-belief and self-confidence often take a battering during difficult and stressful times, so let’s start with what they are, why they are different, what the difference is between them and why they are important.

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is our ability to manage anything that gets thrown at us and not be put off by failure. It means resilience and ability to learn from our mistakes knowing these help us grow, which creates a better chance of creating a better us.

What is the difference between self-confidence and self-belief?

Self-confidence is usually how we project ourselves to the outside world, whereas self-belief is the way we feel about ourselves regardless of our successes or anything we may feel confident in.

Therefore it figures we need to give more importance to self-belief to gain self-confidence.

So why is self-belief important?

Selfbelief is an essential quality to have, as without our ability to believe in ourselves or our own worth and actions we are unlikely to reach our full potential.

So what exactly is self-belief?

Selfbelief is our belief in our own abilities to achieve our goals. It means judging ourselves positively as we would someone else, that we and they are very capable and able of success. Being positive will increase our chances of success, whereas judging ourselves negatively will hugely reduce our chance of success.

So, to be successful we need to change our actions, outlook and thoughts, and to do this we need to believe in ourselves giving us the self-belief we can do anything we really want to do which in turns increases confidence in ourselves.

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