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Choices, Chances, Changes

There’s a saying ‘The 3 Cs of life’: Choices, Chances, Changes – you must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

I came across this again recently, and it got me thinking about how these 3 Cs are woven into our everyday lives without us really thinking about it. For some, this might come easy and seem almost unrecognisable, whilst for others it is obvious these three things need to happen but are avoided due to fear or lack of confidence.

We can often feel that we don’t have any choice sometimes, but if we are honest with ourselves we always have choices with everything we do. The trouble is we often don’t see them because we are focused more on the problems than the opportunities, or if we do see we have a few choices, we offer good reasons why we can’t make a positive and right choice.

By making a choice, it is by default taking a chance, which leads us to focus even more on those obstacles around us and causing our fear levels to increase to the point of missing out on great opportunities probably on a number occasions in our lives. Do we want to be that person when we’re older saying ‘I wish I had done this or been there’?

Everything changes, even as the saying goes, the only constant is change, so why do we resist it so much, why can’t we embrace it? Sometimes it’s not just coping with the change in things around us or even in others, but in ourselves. We are constantly changing, with age, as we grow, as we choose different paths in our lives.

I feel this saying should become everyone’s Mantra. It should be 3 steps and we should take these 3 steps regularly and see them as a challenge, part of our growth. The steps should be sequential and written down almost like writing down our key aim, goals and actions.

If we commit to write down what our choices are with each situation we are faced with in our lives, then list those opportunities we have i.e. chances, then we can see the change as our goal or outcome.

You have the choice to take the chance to make the change in your life now!

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