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Clear or Misty View?

At this time of year, we know we should be putting together a framework for the year; planning our goals, setting our actions and putting together doable SMART tasks for each week to help us achieve our aims!

This can add pressure to us and feel more like a challenge than an incentive to grow or business to where we want it to be. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, like there’s so much to achieve, not knowing exactly where to start or even how we are going to get there.

We need an emotional benefit with every goal to build in that incentive, that reward, that ‘good feel factor’ to spur us on to plan.

We know we need to take time from our business to focus on our strategy, but sometimes we are caught up in the operational activities the long-term goals just get put to one side.

  • How do we self-motivate ourselves into even starting?
  • How to we inspire ourselves to carry out this daunting task?
  • How do we change a misty view into a clear view?

Developing personal positive affirmations is a great way to start.

Affirmations are statements, positive statements we can either download from the internet or develop ourselves to consciously affirm what we really believe but what we need to constantly remind ourselves of.

As our minds often focus more on the ‘I can’t’ rather than the ‘I can’ we do need a visible and visual reminder to inspire and motivate us to just get started.

These statements are for us to imagine they are true, fact, in existence rather than a wish, dream or vision.

We can develop inspiring affirmation for developing, setting and achieving our goals to give us focus, direction and clarity.

Below are some examples of personal, positive affirmations you could use or adapt to suit:

  1. When I achieve my goals, it will help my personal and professional development
  2. Every action I make will move me closer to my dreams
  3. I embrace taking action as this gives me great motivation to achieve my goals
  4. My perseverance and determination will help me achieve my goals
  5. I see challenges as positive ways to find solutions to my problems

Good luck with moving from a misty view to a clear view using personal, positive affirmations.

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