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Communicating with Others

Have you ever considered why when you meet someone for the first time you feel like you’ve known them for ages and yet for others whom you’ve known for ages, there’s just something about them you either dislike or find frustrating?

We are all different and whilst that’s a good thing, it can be a hindrance when we are trying to communicate with someone who is ‘different’ to us.

We might often wonder why they can’t understand us and the way we think and of course they are likely feeling the same degree of frustration.

This means that our communication isn’t as effective as what it could be resulting in us not reaching the successful outcome we want, which can add to the frustration.

If you knew you could find a better way to communicate better with others, reduce conflict or frustration with others, wouldn’t you want to investigate this and find out more?

With iMA (identify, modify, adapt) you can understand yourself much better, what you do well and exceed in and those areas you struggle with.

Finding out what we need to become more effective can only enable us to communicate much better with others.

Below is a link which is a short questionnaire to identify whether you are typically assertive or non-assertive, task or people orientated.

Being able to develop strategies, tools and behaviours to help us become better communicators can and will be of benefit to us all both personally and professionally.

What we don’t perhaps consider is that when we communicate with someone else, the message we send out is unlikely to be the message that is received and understood by the receiver.

It’s the sender’s responsibility to ensure the receiver has received and understood the message, however, depending on how we communicate, i.e. face to face, telephone, video, text, email can add further barriers to effective communication.

If you want to find out more, please complete the questionnaire and if you’d like to learn more please email me and I can arrange a session for you to become a better communicator with those not like you!

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