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Coping with Disappointment

There’s a saying “The measure of success is how we cope with disappointment” which made me wonder how true this is.

I know there have been times when I’ve been bitterly disappointed with things that haven’t materialised or something that I’ve missed out on. However, did I feel how I dealt with it was a measure of my success or not?

For me, how we deal with any setbacks in life reflects on what our outlook is, whether we take the optimistic view that everything will be okay, or whether we take the pessimistic view of, this is really bad news and will affect me badly.

You could argue that always having a positive outlook, not only is healthy, but by reflecting on this with a good attitude will surely start us in the direction of thinking of options on how we can fix this, or what we can change or do instead.

If we want to be successful we are always looking for ways in which to do this. To do this we are always going to be taking risks, and these risks are going to have a possibility of going wrong and creating disappointment for us.

Do we behave differently if the disappointment is personal or professional?

Do we deal with disappointment differently if it’s about a ‘thing’ or a ‘person’?

Do we cope with disappointment differently if it was caused by us or someone else?

I always believe that we learn by our mistakes, however, I also believe that we learn by our achievements too! The only difference is that we react differently when something goes right than when something goes wrong.

So perhaps this does mean that how we react or cope with disappointment is a measure of our success, because it’s about how we react to things, and this is about mental attitude and positive thinking.

Perhaps treating any or all disappointments in a positive way as with achievements. Seeing a positive picture in our minds regardless of whether this is a great thing or a perceived setback.

This change of mindset can only be a good thing can’t it?

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