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Developing systems help achieve goals

If we set goals that are unachievable, we will fail. Yet we constantly set goals, health goals, business goals, personal goals with the aim to do more of the good stuff and less of the bad things.

However, if we don’t have a system in place or at least develop a system then we are unlikely to achieve our goals.

What is the difference between a goal and a system?

A goal is the outcome of measurables, whereas the system is the way in which we will go about it. Similar to actions only in a procedural way.

There is a difference between achievement and effort too. We may not completely achieve the goal, however, if we have given it our all, everything we could have, then surely the effort needs to be acknowledged and recognised, rather than the goal itself.

If we wanted to train to run a marathon, then this is the goal, however, how often we train, practice and run is the system, determining where, when, how, what etc. The system is the goal broken down into small measurable bites.

A system is the development of a good, new or positive habit, which if we keep at it will become our ‘norm’ and easy to do each day because we are seeing benefits, however, achieving the goal, finishing the marathon, the goal is complete which is great but only short-lived. We then need to look for another goal.

Often, we are in a hurry to reach our destination, and in doing so, rush what we are doing without enjoying the journey along the way. Coming back to the marathon goal, if we don’t enjoy our daily running or keep-fit activities every day then we are unlikely to achieve our goal.

The other way of looking at it is the output or end result is the goal, whereas the input or system / actions / tasks are the things that will enable us to get there. The steps we’ve put in place to reach our goal or destination.

If we measure our daily activities and see our progress then we are automatically motivated to do more and can readily see the system works. Whereas being hell-bent on just getting there can take away the fun, enjoyment and add pressure and anxiety which surely is counter-productive.

Every goal needs a system of actions or activities to create a clear progress chart using frequent and easy tasks which are ultimately driving us forward to reach our goals.

What fun is it if we can’t enjoy things along the way. Enjoying the journey as well as achieving the goal is the best outcome we could want and something that will inspire us to set more goals in the future.

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