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Do You Choose Courage Over Comfort?

How do you plan?

Do you plan?

Do you take the easy or the hard option?

Do you take risks or are you risk averse?

Whether you plan or not, how you choose to do things will depend on whether you want an easy life staying in your comfort zone, with the ‘ease’ of not taking risks but staying in a lane that has comfort and a degree of certainty, or whether you are the type of person who is always thinking outside the square and looking for new ways of doing things, feeling content in taking yourself outside your comfort zone.

If you are staying in your comfort zone, is it because you don’t have confidence in yourself to explore new avenues, or is it because you fear what might happen if you take chances?

Taking risks or perhaps the hard option may be a sign of having steely nerve or even bravery. Being daring might even be a sign of recklessness. This depends on whether the risky decisions are done with the best chances possible, because you’ve planned for possible consequences, or whether you are a rash decision-maker, and so reactive to situations without much thought of repercussions.

Being a planner with clear goals, actions and tasks will give us a better chance of success, whether the goals are personal or business, whether they are high achieving goals or just average.

Not being a planner and not having any goals or a plan, won’t help us with direction or good outcomes, it just means we aimlessly drift from one task or action to another with average success probably more by luck than design.

Choosing courage over comfort has several benefits, one being the level of which we want to grow either ourselves or our business. One is having the confidence in ourselves that we can achieve what we want, that being brave, and daring is enterprising and likely to take us to place we never dreamt of.

If we consider our options thoroughly before making decisions, we can minimise any major failures and measure the likelihood of what damage limitation we need to take should we need to.

Taking the easy option of remaining in our comfort zone can surely only lead to a feeling of regret and ‘if only’s’ further down the track.

Either way, decide if courage or comfort is what you want, however, make sure the decision is for the right reasons.

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