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Do you have a worry buster?

  • Are you focused on your problems rather than getting problems solved?
  • Are you focused on poor performance rather than improving performance?
  • Are you focused on unachievable goals rather than achieving these more easily?
  • Are you focused on getting results or improving your results naturally?

The reality is that we can’t see the bigger picture. We are too close, can’t see the wood for the trees, perhaps too emotionally involved, in danger of not making good management or strategic decisions.

Often what stops us solving problems, performing well, achieving goals and getting great results is the need in us to be perfect, wanting everything to be ‘just right’ and never getting things done. We can’t progress if we always want perfection.

As Winston Churchill said “Perfection is the enemy of progress

We are human and not perfect, as much as we’d like to think so. So why don’t we get over ourselves and let what we do be good enough.

Trying to be perfect creates stress, and stress creates worry. To disintegrate or destroy the worry, we need to have a worry buster!

  • Do you have a worry buster?
  • What is a worry buster?

A worry buster can be anything we want it to be, but it must be instantly recognisable for us at times of stress when we are heading towards a possible melt-down or starting to feel overwhelmed.

A worry buster could be a mental thing. Perhaps you might want to develop some personal positive affirmations and keep repeating these to yourself.

A worry buster could be an emotional thing. You could consider feeding yourself some reward which makes the soul feel good inside.

A worry buster could be a physical thing. You might feel better having a workout in the gym or go for a run or a walk.

Whatever helps you to de-stress and helps you press the ‘pause’ button to bring yourself back to reality.

The reality is that it’s about getting your problems solved; improving your performance; achieving your goals more easily; and enabling results to improve naturally.

We are in control of our destiny, how we work and achieving the outcomes we want.

Develop your worry buster today!

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