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Do You Have the Limiting Belief Bug?

  • If you were asked if you had limiting beliefs would you agree?
  • Do you actively challenge your limiting beliefs?
  • Do you manage to conquer your limiting beliefs?

We are often our own worst enemy in that we create our own limiting beliefs, live by them and believe them to be true and unconquerable.

But we don’t need to do this anymore, we can change the way we think, change our mindset, change our pattern of behaviour and our thoughts.

We can!

Let’s start with looking back to when we first started having doubts about ourselves and about what. We need to dissect it and find out what’s inside. Once we break it down, we can see it for what it is. Small pieces of fractured items that in themselves are without power, but together we seem to give ‘it’ power to stop us, slow us down, prevent us from doing things, stop us even considering trying new things. They prevent us from growing, stunting our growth.

We should see limiting beliefs for what they are and think about the alternative. We can succumb or conquer.

Our limiting beliefs are so strong and sometimes have been around for so long they are hard to break away from. If we try and look back and source where they came from and I mean look for facts, the truth, evidence, not guesses, we can see our limiting beliefs are self-imposed.

If we break down our limiting beliefs, find the facts and admit they are self-imposed we can free ourselves of these limitations once and for all.

Start gathering the real facts, which are that you can do whatever you want. It’s all about mindset, rewiring the brain, starting again with a new and positive path.

It can be quite empowering to look back to the source of when the limiting belief bug ‘got us’ and properly see what it has done to us, often for years, if not most of our lives.

Once you see your limiting belief for what they are, the next step is looking forward. Believing now you can do what you want, feel confident in yourself and your abilities.

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