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Do you see procrastination as a reward or a punishment?

Time management is probably one of the biggest areas I work with clients on, as without good, structured time plans days can be wasted, time lost, and productivity decreased which in turn affects income generation.

One of the causes of not achieving tasks or activities is procrastination, however, I would suggest that it depends on what we procrastinate on, why and what we do with the time we’ve gained by procrastinating in the first place.

Before we judge ourselves for procrastinating, we should delve deep within ourselves to determine WHY we procrastinate in the first place and on what before chastising ourselves for this ‘bad habit’.

Delaying or rescheduling something important that has a firm deadline of course is not good and can affect our income, our business or our job.

However, delaying or rescheduling something for a justifiable reason could be seen as being sensible and cautious.

For example, it may be because you don’t have sufficient information, or perhaps the timing just isn’t right, it may be because you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right. For any of these reasons it may be a good idea to postpone the task to another time.

Another reason we may decide to procrastinate could be because it’s totally outside out comfort zone. If this is the case, then once again, we should look deeper into why we are avoiding the task, what is it that scares us, what is the worst that could happen, i.e. put it into context. When we do this, we feel less fearful, and the task seems less daunting. Usually, the fear of doing something is far worse than just ‘grasping the nettle’ or ‘eating that frog’. The feeling of elation we receive when we have succeeded in these circumstances are hugely rewarding.

So, what are we saying here?

Is procrastination a good thing or a bad thing?

Is procrastination a reward or a punishment?

It very much depends on WHY we are procrastinating and determining if the reasons we are is justifiable or just avoidance.

If it’s the former then dig deeper and find how you can fulfil the task in a different way, seek help, change the deadline or gather additional information to support you.

If it’s the latter, then concentrate on the ‘why’ and see how you can minimise the fear by looking more at the facts rather than the feelings and emotions.

Pause and ponder when you procrastinate so you can reflect, reap the rewards and re-establish a better way to complete your tasks.

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