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Does Fear Stop you from Achieving your Dreams?

Wouldn’t it just be perfect if we could make our dreams come true? If when we woke up in the morning having had the most wonderful dream that we’d done the most amazing things, we couldn’t just put all those wonderful plans in place and make things happen!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that does it? We wake up to reality and realise that there are things that will probably hinder or prevent us from achieving our dreams i.e. it’s the wrong time, the wrong place etc.

We know we only have one life, and whilst it’s sensible to be cautious, if we don’t take chances and aim for the stars, we may end up doing nothing and of course feeling a failure.

It’s interesting that if we speak of our plans and dreams, people might say that sounds awesome and it’s a great idea and we should do it. However, ‘things’ stop us, WE stop us!

Whatever the obstacle or barrier is, there is one main thing that stops us – FEAR!

Fear can stop us from achieving our dreams particularly if what we focus on is all that could or might go wrong.

Fear can lead to anxiety which produce obstacles and barriers preventing us from taking those leaps into the unknown.

But what if we instead focused on all the wonderful things that might or could happen when we achieve our dream.

Planning our dreams to help make them come true fills us with energy, positivity and enthusiasm.

By focusing on being the best version of ourselves we can be rather than aiming to be better than someone else, wouldn’t this be easier, have less pressure and feel less fearful?

It’s almost like aiming always for your personal best, competing against yourself, challenging yourself. When we do this, we can feel ourselves grow in confidence, which in turn gives us more confidence to do even better.

Whether we want to achieve in work or if we are a business owner and want our business to be the best, we still can be, but always focusing on how we can do better ourselves, as an individual, an organisation or a business.

Do you have a dream, do you want to achieve it, what not set yourself on the road to achieving that dream and aiming for that vision of success, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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