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When Even The Snow Looks Black!

When Even The Snow Looks Black!

When we think of positive thinking, what do we think about?

Stopping negative thinking; starting positive thinking! Black vs White! Supposedly easy, but easier said than done!

We know that positive thinking is beneficial to us mentally and emotionally, but to enable us to even start thinking positively, surely it will help us if we consider the consequences of negativity, and how negative thinking desperately impacts our lives and wellbeing!

When we can’t feel positive, we know we focus on negative things which becomes a downwards spiral – a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So how can we kick-start positive thinking and banish negative thinking? Here are 5 easy steps on changing the negative to a positive to give you real results.

  1. List the things that create negativity in your life, work or business – in doing this it will help you to identify what your perceived obstacles or roadblocks are e.g. lack of energy or lack of motivation
  2. Note all the negative words you have used in the list above, changing the negative wording to positive wording – this will help you to change the way you focus on things
  3. List actions that could neutralise those things on your negative list – these are usually small steps you will need to take to work towards creating positive outcomes
  4. Note how you will feel if you complete those positive actions, the emotional benefit – write down all those good-feel emotional words that bring positive energy towards you
  5. Write down the reward you will give yourself upon achieving each positive action – choose a great prize, giving yourself well-deserved recompense to instill motivation

An example below:

  1. Feeling I can’t achieve my goals
  2. CAN’T – change to CAN
  3. If my goals are broken down into small steps it will feel more manageable
  4. Achieving my goals and believing in myself will make me feel stronger and give me more confidence in myself to achieve more
  5. Treating myself to a nice glass of wine or taking time out for a hobby e.g. game of golf, or even just finishing early for the day

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