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Facing Old Issues with New Insights

  • Are you a creature of habit?
  • Are your habits good or bad?
  • Do you keep approaching things in the same way expecting a different outcome?

We can talk about positive thinking and positive self-talk until the cows come home but the reality is, for most, it appears easier said than done.

We often develop habits that are not helpful and when bad or negative experiences happen in our lives they become bigger and turn into an issue!

This issue is something we don’t want to face because we fear it, feel dealing with it hasn’t worked in the past, or perhaps we’ve just buried our heads in the sand hoping it will go away!

The trouble is, issues don’t go away and won’t change until we approach them differently.

Let’s look at how we can all make positive changes in our lives, either personally or professionally.

Think about an old issue you feel confident (or want) to face, and gain new insight.

You might want to consider this 3-step exercise:

  1. Feelings – Instead of thinking about the issue being bad or having a bad ending, think about this ending creating a new beginning, for example, using the paradox of the start of summer also heralding the onset of autumn / winter; and the start of winter also heralds the onset of spring – we have a choice to focus on the end of something bad and the start of something good, or vice versa
  2. Approach – What message is there in this new beginning that we can use to our advantage? How can we use this new understanding of the old issue to benefit us going forward? It’s about changing the approach to positive from negative, being in the ‘summer’ and focusing on ‘spring’
  3. Outcome – Using this new and different approach, forces our feelings to have a more positive slant, as we are tackling something as a challenge going forward, rather than only looking back repeating the same pattern

 Summer is a great time to face an old issue and gain new insights.


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