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Facts – Memory – Behaviour Chain

Have you ever thought that our mind is just like an iceberg in that it consists of two parts, with the tip of the iceberg being the conscious mind which takes care of our daily decision-making, as well as dealing with all new situations, whereas the subconscious mind makes up the submerged part of the iceberg (the largest portion), which helps us deals with our learned behaviour. This is helpful for us to deal with situations that reoccur as we are using information already stored in our minds.

This is why when we come to do a task again our mind remembers how we behaved last time, so if it’s a bad experience e.g. we got hurt, then we will remember that hurt or if it’s a task we do regularly then our mind forms that mental picture giving us the ability of recall.

Everything that happens to us sits in our conscious mind and then stored in our subconscious mind along with the feeling we had at that time.

There is a link between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. If we are regularly told we are useless, then we will act as if this belief is fact and therefore approach a situation believing we will fail, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Once we have an established pattern of the facts memory behaviour chain it will work automatically.

This is a great pattern if we think positively, however, if we are a negative thinker then we have a self-destruct pattern. When we are lacking in confidence or stepping outside our comfort zone then we may often tell or convince ourselves we will fail or do something wrong, which starts us off on with the wrong thought pattern.

We can use the fact, memory, behaviour chain in a positive way, by repeating positive statements or affirmations to ourselves repeatedly. As mentioned above, if something is mentioned repeatedly then it will go from our conscious to our sub-conscious and this will help us build confidence to behaviour in a positive rather than a negative way.

The quality of our thoughts, ideas or feelings determines the quality of our life, as we become what we think.

Here are some helpful tips to kick-start your day on a more positive note:

  1. When you wake in the morning, consider your day by teasing out the positive aspects and the successful outcomes you will have, only focusing on these rather than any perceived negative areas
    1. Sending this repeated positive ‘message’ to yourself will reap amazing benefits and create positive outcomes enabling you to have a more successful day feeling more confident about approaching things
    1. We have to start with our own duty of care to ourselves and make ourselves feel good within by being kind to ourselves and feeding our mind with encouraging statements as we might others

Start today by changing your facts – memory – behaviour chain to work for you not against you.

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