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Fly Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee

What does the phrase fly like a butterfly sting like a bee mean?

Just before entering the ring, Clay said what would become one of his most famous quotes, and a phrase used to define his fighting style: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.” What happened in the end? Clay won by a technical knockout.

It seems hard to believe that our own belief systems can be changed and that our mind is powerful enough to believe in something if we tell ourselves enough.

Don’t our children believe in what we tell them?

What happens when our child hurts themselves? “Mummy, I’ve hurt myself”. We ‘kiss’ it better and the child skips away quite happy in the belief their hurt is now all better.

Isn’t this what Muhamad Ali did? He felt that what he couldn’t see couldn’t hurt him.

The mind is a truly powerful thing. When we realise we can control our thoughts, our thinking and our core belief systems, we can do anything. We must look beyond our thoughts and beyond our assumptions, we need to put the ‘light on’ so we can see things more clearly. In other words we believe our assumptions even when they have little or no validity.

Here are some great steps in changing our core beliefs:

  • Putting your beam light on – We need to look beyond our thoughts to identify what our core beliefs are, in other words, we must change our thinking
  • Choose heads not tails – If we believe what people tell us, and believe what they tell us is true, then why do we only belief the negative and not the positive?
  • Fears create barriers – believing things can hurt us, believing that what others think can hurt us is a false assumption which generates real fear, which in turn creates barriers preventing us from moving forward
  • We are not mind readers – we often think we know what others think of us, and not only do we believe what we think they think, but these beliefs are always negative or destructive

You can be a butterfly and sting like a bee if you put your mind to it.

YOU CAN DO IT – just believe it to be true and it will happen!

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